About Us

Our Mission


*We provide our clients with impeccable services and products that meet superior standards.


*We offer our employees an excellent working environment and reward entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding performance.


*We generate sustainable financial results and increasing value for our shareholders.


*We maintain mutually rewarding and reliable partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and authorities.


*We act responsibly towards society and the environment and conduct business to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Who We Are?

We have been active since 2005 in provision and services of airport ground support equipment (GSE) .Our key role is to meet development challenges facing aviation sector with respect to airport services in particular and associated fields. We retain excellent relations with a good number of world major GSE manufacturers from Europe and Asia. Our accredited technical management meets strictly ICAO and related International standards.


The primary activities are:

1. Continuous expert technical service and advice to clients

2. Supply of the right quality airport equipment

3. Stand by for all clients emergency calls.